Resolutions 2017

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A little late, but I will continue my tradition on resolutions for this year. This year I had a prolonged vacation around the New Year and after, and that made me busy and unable to post anything on the blog. Hopefully, from now on it will be more frequent event.

In this post I will only share my professional and work-balance resolutions. There will be no personal ones.

Achievements of 2016

Looking back at the resolution of 2016, these are my main achievements and attempts:

  1. I managed to produce quite a good number of tutorials and fewer blog posts. I must admit setting up the goal “every week” was incredible hard. For the few months I managed to follow the resolution, but with summer it became more difficult and I posted more irregular afterwards.
  2. For the last year’s learning experience, I believe I did quite good. From my work’s project I learned a lot about new tools such as Travis-CI, Coverity and how to use them for continuous integration, how to maintain proper developer documentation for a project, how to interact with non-technical team members, how to integrate new features into existing code, how to keep up to date with the tech news through Twitter and Quora, and so many other things. This was quite an enriching journey and I’m very grateful for the opportunities to learn more.
  3. The project I’ve been working on had grew big. It’s been few months since I started working on different new features within the program, which, hopefully, will allow us to do a publication.
  4. I believe my coding skills significantly improved. Not only I was learning about C++11/C++14 in the last year, but also tried to participate on StackOverflow. Although, usually I spend very little time there.
  5. I didn’t manage to attend or get signed-in into some art classes, however, I started learning Japanese language.
  6. I had moderate to low level of sport activities. There were good amount of climbing at the beginning of the year, running during the summer, cycling during the autumn and martial arts during the beginning of the winter.
  7. As I mentioned above, I took an intensive Japanese language class.
  8. I spent some time discovering career opportunities in the state and in the country. I spotted some companies which interest me the most. I occasionally go through the job descriptions to have ides what’s on the market.

Resolutions for 2017

Again, a list of my professional and work balance resolutions. Hopefully, it will motivate and guide me throughout the year.

  1. Post two articles (blog post or tutorial) per month. Well, at least once per month. At the end of the year there should be at least 12 entries for 2017.
  2. Keep on learning good practices, improve my programming skills and machine language knowledge. Never ending voyage!
  3. Getting driver’s license would be nice. After all, it’s only exam that is left.
  4. Get into the next step for my job. This year promises to be a big change in my life due to the factor that I will be searching and applying for jobs. It might also cause me to move out to a new place.
  5. Get the next belt of the martial arts I’m taking.
  6. Visit and hike in a US National Park.

I guess this year I will keep it that short. After all, many resolutions are good to carry on from the last year. Now let’s make this New Year as productive.

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